Zlata nit 2016: Intera from Ptuj and Lotrič Meroslovje from Selce among the finalists

The 21 finalists of Zlata nit (Golden Thread) 2016 have been announced. This year the competition included 87 companies, of which 45 are small enterprises, 32 are medium-sized enterprises and ten are large businesses with more than 250 employees.

This is the tenth year of the competition for the best employers. Among seven companies which are recognised as the best in the category of small enterprises are Kompas Xnet, List, Mega M, Optiweb, Tu-Val and two members of the Slovenian Business Club, the companies Intera and Lotrič Metrology.

Intera from Ptuj has already enriched its CV with the title of the Best Employer among small enterprises at Zlata nit in 2013, but they by no means want to forsake the regular assessment of employee–organisation relationship quality. It is the reason why they are participating in Zlata nit for the eighth year in a row. The changes brought about by modern technologies are to Intera’s advantage as well. For over a decade, Intera has been developing Intrix CRM which helps companies to improve their work processes and customer relationships, and sales results accordingly.

They all are researchers at heart

At the moment, the Intera team includes 20 people who have a successful year behind them. They have strengthened the team with five developers. »We have surpassed the figure of 5000 users of our services and once again reached income growth of 20 percent. Besides this, we managed to upgrade our Intrix CRM with a unique customisable mobile application. Continuous development is of the outmost importance to our team, as we are researchers at heart, each in his own field, of course,« the manager Peter Ladič is proud to say.

»I am delighted that Slovenian companies have finally recognised their opportunities in new technologies and that they perceive them as concrete benefits, not only as costs. Ten years ago we had to inform companies about what CRM (Customer Relation Management) is in the first place. Nowadays, the managers (and employees) are mostly well informed about new technologies and are aware of the changes that need to be made. In this respect things are now easier for us and our Intrix CRM is, as mentioned, increasingly sought after.

The Zlata nit competition is of special importance to me, as only companies with good references compete and there are only top experts in the committee. At Intera we pay a great deal of attention to the well-being of the team. Stress, cynicism and dissatisfaction are always treated as critical indicators of need for action and changes. The fact that we became finalists for the eighth time in a row confirms that we are still on the right path. It feels good to monitor assessments and our progress in comparison with previous years. One of our most important values, besides taking care of our customers, is taking care of our families.« Intera is well aware of the significance of talent, so they are already trying to recognise it during the school years.

Company Intera

Photo: Company Intera

Gazela (gazelle) Lotrič Metrology among the finalists as well

Lotrič Metrology from Selce is participating in the Zlata nit competition for the seventh time. The company operates under the Lotrič Metrology group, comprised of the companies LOTRIČ certificiranje from Kranj, Iskra LOTRIČ from Podnart and subsidiaries in Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Macedonia. The group currently brings together more than 110 experts in the field of metrology. Last year they were joined by more than 10 new co-workers and they are planning to maintain the positive employment trend in 2017 as well.

Last year, the company was 25 years old. The total revenue of the entire group was EUR 5 million and for 2017 they expect growth to reach 14 percent. »It will be based predominantly on the increase of exports to foreign markets and on the increased business of our subsidiaries, where great emphasis is placed on effective cost control. Development of innovative new products and solutions has a strong market potential and at the moment EXACTUM leads the way in this field. It is a smart measurement system for the automatic control and automation of processes for industry, healthcare, laboratories, warehouses, galleries, transport and for every place where controlled conditions are required. It represents an important step for a strategic entry of LOTRIČ Metrology to foreign markets and our goal to become recognisable not only for our high quality services but also for cutting-edge and user-friendly measurement products and solutions, which represent the main challenges for the year ahead,« Marko Lotrič says.

The company generates half of its revenue abroad. We are present in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Macedonia and last year we made a big new step in development by opening LOTRIČ Messtechnik GmbH in neighbouring Austria,« Marko Lotrič says. Lotrič Metrology is a family business with an exceptionally elaborate system of recognising good work, giving rewards and retention. »It is clear to us that the role of an individual who works for the good of us all is very important in creating the joint story of a successful business. We promote the continuous development and self-improvement of our co-workers, who have the possibility of taking up different training at any time. Thus we provide them with various possibilities for expressing their innovativeness.

We are very proud of the SPACE award, which helps us to promote improvements, innovations and creativity in all fields of work. Every employee can, with the help of a well-functioning system, deliver his opinion and suggestions for improvements, which are considered when giving financial rewards. Beside a monthly reward, where employees collect Shooting Stars, they give the awards Sun of the Year, Star of the Year, Satellite of the Year, Supernova and Comet, which are presented at the end of the year. The employees who show the greatest enthusiasm each month receive monetary reward and praise. The top third of employees are presented at info spots in the company,« Lotrič enumerates.

Their employees are, among other things, one of the nine key factors within the EFQM Excellence Model, used by LOTRIČ Metrology. They have a clearly defined plan for promoting health at work and they hold a full Family-friendly Company certificate. Great attention is also placed on common values and interconnectedness.

Lotrič Metrology

Photo: Marko Lotrič from Lotrič Metrology