Xlab’s project SPEU »Web portal for energy efficiency monitoring«

The consortium of partners INEA, XLAB and Domel successfully completed the research and development stages within the project SPEU, which resulted in a Web Portal for Energy Efficiency Monitoring.
Project SPEU is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport to stimulate research and development of e-services projects (2012-2014). The result – Web Portal for Energy Efficiency Monitoring – effectively combines the advantages of cloud computing, web and application technologies for monitoring the use of various energy sources and analysis of energy consumption using a set of criteria for energy efficiency in industry.

The following objectives have been developed and implemented with success;

*designing the system architecture to monitor energy efficiency
*deployment of the hardware sensors and application software on client’s and provider’s side
*definition of technical and economic indicators used as evaluation criteria for self-assessment or comparison among the portal users based on average value

The SPEU Web Portal has been brought to the pilot operational phase and offers an end-to-end system management; from signal acquisition, real-time monitoring of use to energy efficiency investment evaluations.