XLAB partners as integrator of security mechanisms

CyberWISER has launched CyberWISER Essential and CyberWISER Plus, two advanced services for monitoring vulnerabilities and incidents, complementing its CyberWISER Light tool for risk assessment and vulnerability testing. XLAB partners as integrator of security mechanisms for greater digital security, within the European project WISER.

The Internet and digital services play an increasing role in our business portfolios and have a growing impact on our daily lives. However, as digital services and cyberspace evolve, so do the cyber risks that organizations are exposed to.

All businesses are at risk, whether they are a Fortune 500 company, a family-run business, a utility company or a tech start-up. Yet, a staggering 80% of companies worldwide recognise they are insufficiently prepared to protect themselves against cyberattacks. Without proper risk management, they are putting a lot at stake, from direct economic impact such as business interruption and loss of customer or sensitive data to indirect impact such as brand damage and reduced ability to win new customers.

Tackling cyber risk management head on

To make cyber risk management affordable and doable by organisations of all types and services, CyberWISER has launched CyberWISER Essential and CyberWISER Plus, two advanced and innovative services, complementing its CyberWISER Light tool. Who benefits from using the new services? SMEs with critical online assets, IT systems and complex cyber systems such as critical infrastructures that can now benefit from real-time monitoring and assessment of cyber risks.

Cyber risk self assessment and vulnerability test

The CyberWISER Light is an online tool for cyber risk self-assessment, based on the company profile and sector, and vulnerability test, exposing weaknesses in your IT system. The vulnerability test includes token authentication and 10 security risks identified by OWASP.

Network and application layer monitoring

With CyberWISER Essential and CyberWISER Plus, users can monitor and manage their cyber risks much more effectively with insightful information about risks, vulnerabilities and incidents detected. The services provide both quantitative and qualitative data, enabling service users to turn information about security alerts into key business decisions with CEOs and CFOs working side-by-side with IT personnel. CyberWISER Plus includes a consultancy support service that can be tailored to specific business needs by the CyberWISER team of cyber security experts.

The CyberWISER Essential and CyberWISER Plus can be tested – for more information and services’ comparison, visit the official WISER website or contact the IT security teams at WISER or XLAB.