XLAB invited to the Slovenian Innovation Forum to share experience and best practices applying for H2020 funding

XLAB was invited to the Slovenian Innovation Forum to present their experience in applying for H2020 funding, within the two-day entrepreneurial and innovation conference program. Given its success as the 1st SME in Slovenia in terms of Horizon 2020 signed grants for research and innovation, Daniel Vladušič, head of research at XLAB and PhD, joined the panel discussion on challenges of innovation.

He shared his experience on individual phases of proposal drafting from formulating the technology concept to prototype demonstration. In particular, referring to transfer of knowledge to industry, he pointed out the duality of exploitation guidelines: “On one hand, a quick go-to-market strategy is imposed, on the other, cutting edge research is to be applied even though the readiness level is far from validation in a relevant environment. This gap causes friction in proposal outlining as well as its implementation.”

As the MIKELANGELO H2020 coordinator he has had a successful year with the release and uptake of progressive cloud and HPC technology both by service providers and industry. With overall track record of more than 30 completed national and European projects and currently involved in 14 H2020 and FP7 projects, XLAB, in great deal, attributes success to the consortium, the coordinator and the grant agreement: “Partners, companies, need to have a clear vision about what they want to achieve by collaborating in the project. At the same time, the project consortium is a living thing, therefore readiness to change and the ability to manage technological change is crucial.”