Together for Jakob’s Dreams


The Red Ball Foundation in cooperation with the Slovenian Business Club supported Jakob’s dreams.

On February 1st 2010, police officers Anita Krumpak and Gašper Zupan from Rogaška Slatina became parents to twins Ažbe and Jakob. The younger twin, Jakob, was born with the dysmelia of the proximal part of the right femur, meaning that he lacks the right hip and the upper part of his right femur does not grow. He had the necessary surgery here in Slovenia and after a year his hip finally started developing, nevertheless, the surgery was not successful. Because all the material was damaged after four months, he needed a new surgery removing all the screws and plates. Jakob had another operation thirteen months later. The state of his hip worsened and the head and neck of the hip started dying off due to improper procedures and additional injuries. Yet the young family did not give up; especially vigorous was his mom Anita. Upon seeing Jakob’s 11 centimeters shorter right leg it is difficult to hope and believe but the Zupan family was given a spark of hope by a specialist in Florida, USA; Dr Dror Paley is probably the only one who can help this little boy.

“Dr Paley is the only one in the world who performs this surgery; it is his invention and he is the only one who guarantees that after the operation Jakob’s hip is going to be normal. After the surgery Jakob will be able to run and move his leg normally, there will be no limping,” said his mother Anita Krumpak. She also emphasized that Jakob has only one chance of the operation because every new surgery additionally damages the cartilage of which the boy does not have much left in the first place.

The surgery in Florida costs a fortune – several ten thousands of Euros, which will be followed by costs of weekly check-ups and x-rays. Since the family is unable to gather such an amount of money, they started an all-Slovenian fund-raising campaign. Nevertheless, they still lack some funds to meet their goal and leave for the USA, which is planned for October 26th 2015.

Skupaj za Jakobove sanje

Photo: Tanja Skaza, Marko Lotrič, Jakob and Ažbe

The Red Ball Foundation in cooperation with the Slovenian Business Club decided to help just at the right moment. With our generous contribution Jakob’s operations is now becoming a reality. Therefore, hope remains that Jakob will soon be chasing balls without his brace.

The contribution by the Red Ball Foundation was also followed by media thus bringing even more attention to the fund-raising campaign and which positioned the Red Ball Foundation in the Slovenian space as an institution which supports common people and just like its members shifts the boundaries of possible.