This Year the Fifth Season of LUŠT tomatoes

The region of Prekmurje began the fifth season of processing Slovenian tomatoes produced by the brand LUŠT. In glasshouses covering 61,000 square meters, the company Paradajz Ltd. annually produces approximately 3,300 tons of tomatoes, which is more than all other Slovenian producers combined. The project was designed with the intention to lower the level of tomato imports into Slovenia and to increase self-sufficiency. Namely, their strategy and business model is to offer locally produced vegetables to the home market. Such vegetables have, due to short transport routes, much better taste and greater content of nutritional substances.

Aided by bumblebees, watered with rainwater, picked manually.

LUŠT’s tomatoes, produced in glasshouses in Renkovci, are genetically non-modified and grown in an organic substrate composed of the mixture of peat and coir. Pollination is ensured by bumblebees, while diseases and pests are deterred by predators and formulas suitable for ecological and integrated production. Crops are regularly watered by rainwater which is gathered in a lagoon near the glasshouse and all tomatoes are hand-picked. It is thus assured that only those tomatoes are picked which are of the appropriate ripeness.

Their story includes letting tomatoes ripe on the plant until the end which gives them better taste and greater content of vitamins, minerals, and especially of the antioxidant lycopene.