Thematic Camps “Logic and Creative Writing” for Gifted Students

The project »Making Dreams Come True!«, which was launched in 2014 by The Friends of Youth Association Maribor and the main sponsor of which is the Red Ball Foundation in cooperation with the Slovenian Business Club, tenaciously fulfills its purpose and exceeds the set goals – by organizing camps where gifted children from all around Slovenia develop and upgrade their skills, talent, and creativity.

The purpose of the Make Dreams Come True! project is to develop the skills of children exhibiting outstanding potential, interests, and motivation at a selected field, especially those who come from socially unprivileged families and thus lack the funds to further develop their own talents.

The week between February 16 and February 19 was at Dom Miloša Zidanška at the Pohorje Mountain spent by 44 children from the eastern part of Slovenia who were developing their talents in the fields of logic and creative writing. While the following week, between February 23 and February 26, 30 children from the western part of Slovenia will participate at the camp of logic and creative writing.

logika 1

Photo: ZPM Maribor