The Third Generation Working at the GEC Group

The GEC Company is a kind of a successor to the facility for the processing of plastic and metal which was founded by Emil and Jelena Gec in the 1970s. In the early days, production was located in the garage of the Gec family home, but the increasing scope of work enabled them to relocate to new facilities in 1988. Today this location serves as the base for the plastic processing.

The first facility was equipped with machines for foil production and faster machines for the production of plastic bags. Since this type of offer achieved great success, the need arose for even greater production capabilities and acquisition of new technologies. In their desire to keep increasing their business activities, Emil and Jelena Gec continued to purchase technically advanced machines for the production of bags, machines for print, and new lines for the production of foil. Thus, the old programme was gradually abandoned and increasing importance was placed on specialisation in the production of foils and bags, which remain the main product of the Gec Company to this day.

Since 1990, 4 production halls have been constructed, 5 lines for extrusion have been installed, 4 bag welders, a line for regeneration (reuse) of production waste, which means that they return to production in the share of 100%. In 2003, the company introduced the ISO 9001:2008 system and it also carries the mark “Green mark – sign of excellence”, which denotes sustainable and green services, products, and technologies due to creating added value, promotion, increasing competitiveness and their recognition on the market. GEC is also a proud bearer of the AAA credit ranking, which is awarded by Bisnode, and the first bearer of the HALAL certificate for plastic packaging in the Republic of Croatia.

In 2011, a 20 KW solar power plant was installed on the roof of the production hall, while part of their products is made from renewable energy sources. In 2014, machines were replaced with more contemporary, faster machines which are at the same time also consume less energy and materials. The basic production programme includes the production of plastic packaging from LDPE material–all types of bags and foils for packaging. The company strives to offer its buyers “everything for packing in one place”. Their selling area includes the entire territory of Croatia, while one part has asserted itself on foreign markets. Their biggest buyers are factories of beverages, milk and meat products, producers of mattresses, and building materials. Quality, short delivery time, and good prices are the basic characteristics of their business.

The Beginnings of the Company Reach back to 1970

The founder Emil Gec was born on July 23rd 1947 in Postojna and is celebrating his 70th birthday this year. His life began in a peasant family and he spent his childhood in Petelinje. He finished the school for locksmiths in Postojna and after he got married in 1969, he moved to Croatia, to the small border town of Plešce, where he started his entrepreneurial and family path.

A visionary by heart, he wanted more for himself and his family, thus in 1970 he embarked on his entrepreneurial adventure in his home’s garage. Later, they moved production to dedicated production halls, where the family company Gec Plešce remains until this day–they produce plastic packaging and will soon celebrate 50 years of successful operation.

In addition to the company Gec Plešce, which is run by their daughter Irena Gec Andlar with her sons, Emil helped to found the company Gec GP Delnice–a modern sawmill for the processing of wood, which is presently run by his son Robert Gec.

Since the family lives in the marvellous Kolpa Valley, their intention to spread the business into the field of tourism is also very welcome. They also own the company Rupicapra–Počitniška hiša, located in the pristine nature of the Kolpa Valley and a proud member of the Slovenian Business Club. Grandsons Rok and Tin Andlar are in the making of becoming the third generation in the family business.