The Slovenian Business Club Welcomes New Members

We have entered the New Year optimistically and started it off with a meeting on Monday, January 18 2016, when our regular annual meeting once again joined successful entrepreneurs, members of the Slovenian Business Club who with their membership in this interest group develop new forms of thinking and acting and which is, among other things, also expressed through their selfless mutual support. The latter makes them even more competitive and by sharing their entrepreneurial success stories they are an excellent role-model and encouragement for the young and the society in general.

The Club brings together positively-oriented people with the right set of values who work hard and honestly and who started their entrepreneurial path completely on their own or inherited their family businesses. Namely, as successful entrepreneurs they are the ones who create the added value in the country.

This meeting was meant to form links and elections were also held. Our members elected a new leadership, so the Management Board is now composed of Igor Akrapovič, Marjan Batagelj, Marko Bitenc, Robert Grah, Martin Jezeršek, Marko Lotrič, Joc Pečečnik, Simona Petrič, and Ema Pogačar. Our membership was expanded with the joining of new enterprises and currently includes 59 members. Our newly joined members are vastly successful and innovative, each in their own field:

FT IN PARTNERJI, d.o.o. The company’s primary activity is insurance and financial consulting. Also part of this group is GEA College, which was the first private school in Slovenia and has been part of the wider regional market for the past 25 years. The entire group Skupina Partnerji has 29 full-time employees and over 150 contractual associates.

GAMBIT TRADE, d.o.o. The company has been pushing the limits as one of the leading home technology companies for 25 years. For the past few years they have been the biggest supplier of Microsoft licences and solutions for Slovenian companies and public administration. As the first online provider in Slovenia, they can today boast over 500,000 satisfied customers. Over 600 providers, including some of the best Slovenian companies, conduct their online sales through enaA.com. The company actively invests in new start-up companies and today employs 25 people. Their annual sales amount to around 22 million in goods and services.

MEBOR, d.o.o. This family company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of woodworking machinery. Their catalogue includes every machine for small, medium-sized, and larger sawmills, from smaller band saws to complete sawing lines. They export to over 45 countries around the world and currently employ 35 people.

RRC RAČUNALNIŠKE STORITVE, d.o.o. is one of the oldest IT companies in Slovenia. After 40 years of successful work, this company is one of the most important players in the area of information systems development in Slovenia and it employs 40 experts. The company constantly invests in knowledge and can prove it with over 60 certificates from the fields of MS, Oracle, and SAP technologies, computer solution testing, and other areas.

OCEAN ORCHIDS, d.o.o. This company is the leading producer and marketer of orchids in central and south-eastern Europe. Presently their production covers 40,000 m2, which enables them to grow over 2.0 million flowering Phalaenopsis orchids in pots per year. Their orchids can be found throughout the home market but also in more than ten countries of the central, eastern, and southern Europe. Every year they export over 80% of all plants grown here and which, from production until sale, create the smallest imprint on the environment in all of Europe.

TAJFUN PLANINA, d.o.o., is a family company, the roots of which go back almost 50 years and is today the largest manufacturer of forestry machinery in the world; forestry winches, firewood processors, mobile cable ways. They export over 95% of their products to foreign markets and they employ over 180 people.