The quality of SBC members business activity is distinctly above-average

In 2016, the companies gathered in the SBC – Slovenian Business Club increased their net sales growth in comparison to 2012 by 41.1%, while the sales growth of all corporate entities in the same period was 7.6%. The number of employees in the private sector in general raised by 5.6%, while the number in SBC member companies increased by 30.2%. In the SBC the added value per employee was above average both in 2012 and 2016 and amounted to EUR 54,086, which is 27% higher than the average in the Slovenian private sector. 

All this is evident from the recent analysis carried out by Bisnode about the comparison of business done by SBC members and the entire Slovenian private sector. Comparative figures include the financial years 2016 and 2012

SBC members grew more than the economy grew on average. In this respect, SBC members significantly surpass the average of all corporate entities. Net sales increased by almost 34 percentage points, while employment growth was also higher. SBC members increased the number of their employees by 30.2 %, the entire economy by 24.6%.

The fact that companies which are members of SBC are on average less indebted than the average of all corporate entities is also encouraging. In the period 2012–2016, the decrease of average indebtedness of Club members was more intensive by 6 percentage points than with all corporate entities.

SBC members also display a distinctly higher return on capital which exceeded 20% in 2016, and even in 2012 during the crisis it was 19%. In 2016, the return on capital of all corporate entities was less than 8%.


Net sales growth 2016/2012

SBC members                                                  41.1%

All corporate entities in Slovenia                        7.6%

Difference                                                        33.5 pp


Number of employee growth 2016/2012

SBC members                                                  30.2%

All corporate entities in Slovenia                        5.6%

Difference                                                        24.6 pp


Added value per employee 2016

SBC members                                                  54,086

All corporate entities in Slovenia                        41,896

Difference                                                        12,190

                                                                              + 29.1%

Return on capital 2016

SBC members                                                  20.5%

All corporate entities in Slovenia                        7.8%

Difference                                                         + 12.7 pp


Debt financing ratio 2016

SBC members                                                  43.0%

All corporate entities in Slovenia                        48.9%

Difference                                                        – 5.9 pp