The Ninth Competition to find the Best Employer

The Zlata nit Competition is a media-research project of the Dnevnik newspaper which through the promotion of entrepreneurial innovativeness, examples of best practice in the field of employment, and workplace quality asserts its winners as role models and inspiration for business community and the wider environment.

The research of Zlata nit, which was developed in Slovenia and designed for the needs of the Slovenian companies with the goal of improving their international competitiveness, puts the intangible at the heart of their research: the relationship between the employee and the organization. The questionnaire for employees includes 45 questions, arranged into seven thematic clusters which consider the basic relationship between the company and its employees, the role and quality of the individual’s work within the company, characteristics of organizational culture, atmosphere, and interpersonal relations, ambition and innovativeness, quality  of the working environment, personal growth and development, and emotional attachment of the employees.

This year 82 companies are participating in the competition. The average mark for the quality of attitude, given by 6,131 employees, is 3.73 and is somewhat lower than reported by Zlata nit 2014 when it was 3.81. Among those 82 companies, 10 are large businesses, 34 are medium-sized enterprises, and 38 are small enterprises. 23 companies are participating in the competition for the first time, which is over one quarter of all participants.

Through all nine years of the competition, the quality of the relationship between the employees and the organization has been checked by eight companies, most of which are also winners of the Gazela Prize. These include the family companies Blažič, robni trakovi, and Elvez. Also among the members of the Slovenian Business Club competing for the best employer are some of last year’s finalists. Among small enterprises there is the company Intera from Ptuj which was the winner in its category in 2013, and last year’s winner Plastika Skaza from the medium-sized enterprises. For the sixth year in a row Lotrič Metrology, which won the Zlata nit title in 2012, and Špica International are counted among the best employers.

This year’s finalists will be known at the end of February.