The Kovis Company Expands its Production

Last month in Štore a new production plant Kovis was opened which will add 40 new jobs at this location to the 190 existing ones in the upcoming years.

The history of the Kovis Company goes back to 1977, when, after returning from abroad, the present owner of the company Anton Pangrčič, started production as a self-employed enthusiast from Velika Dolina. In 1984 he started making high quality brake discs and axle boxes for railway vehicles. Despite numerous obstacles and thanks to constant investment in development and quality, the company has worked successfully through times of recession and met the demands of extremely demanding clients.

Their speedy growth was accelerated by the purchase of one part of Železarna Štore in 2000, the location in which they opened a new production hall on Friday costing them 3.7 million Euros. From its early days as a small artisan workshop, the company which now has a new facility in Štore and incorporates the companies Kovis, Kovis Livarna, Kovis Transporti, and Kovis Bačka Palanka in Serbia, is recognised world-wide. Annually they develop approximately 300 new products and export to 31 countries around the world.

Even the Japanese are on Board

The company, which has in recent years recorded an average of 30 per cent annual growth and more than 96 per cent  growth in exports, boldly conquers demanding world markets one after the other. This is also a consequence of their determination to re-establish themselves as a world renowned producer of casts made of grey and nodular cast iron for all types of machines and equipment, especially in the railway sector.

The CEO Alen Šinko emphasises that they have become a supplier to customers such as Alstom, Bombardier, Siemens, Hitachi, and others who include them in their development plans until 2030.