The Family Constitution as a Firm Foundation

A family company is a combination of values, where the emotional as well as rational foundation needs to be kept in mind. Running a family business most definitely has a special charm, but it still hides a plethora of tests and challenges. The Lotrič family decided to set a firm foundation arranging family and business relations of LOTRIČ Metrology. On Thursday, 15th July 2017, the family constitution, as they call it, was signed by all members of the family and thus made a vow to follow the guidelines both in business and outside of it.


During the preparation of this important step they were accompanied at every step by the consulting company EY (Ernst & Young), the biggest credit for which is due to Mojca Emeršič and Matej Kovačič for not only their professional, but also their personal approach. In words of R. W. Emerson: “One of the biggest awards in life is the fact that nobody can truly help anyone else without helping themselves in the process.” “In the last year, we have made a step that will help our company LOTRIČ Metrology, our business partners, our workers, and the Lotrič family create the future we all will be proud of”, were the words of the Lotrič company.