The Competition Zlata nit 2014 – Intera and Plastika Skaza among the Finalists Again

The importance of the in-depth insight into the staff and their potential regardless the company’s size is annually emphasized by the competition Zlata nit (Golden Thread). This is a media-research project of the newspaper Dnevnik that through the selection of the best employers seeks out the best practice examples in the area of employment in Slovenia.

The competition Zlata nit 2014 includes 83 companies, of which 43 are small enterprises (with up to 50 employees), 28 are medium-sized enterprises (up to 250 employees), and 12 are large businesses. These companies were classified according to size on the basis of the data from 2013 provided by GVIN. This was the first participation in the competition of best employers for 17 companies, and the majority of them are fast-growing not only in performance of business but also in the number of employees.

Enterprises of the Eighth Competition for the Best Employers

Ten enterprises have participated at the Zlata nit since its beginning, thus this is the eighth time. Among them are BDO Revizija, the Gazela-awarded fast-growing companies Bisnode, Blažič robni trakovi, Četrta pot, Elvez, Infotehna, Interblock (former Elektronček), and Mimovrste, and also MDM and Microsoft.

The Best Employers – 2013 Winners

The Zlata nit best employers 2013 are: Intera (small enterprises), RLS (medium-sized enterprises), and Simobil (large businesses).

Intera (2)

Photo: Dnevnik d.d. -The Best Employer among small enterprises 2013 was Intera.

Intera and Plastika Skaza among this Year’s Finalists

21 finalists of the competition of best employers Zlata nit 2014 are out. Among small enterprises Abbvie and Smartis appear for the first time, while Plastika Skaza found its place among the finalists of the medium-sized enterprises for the third year in a row. Among large businesses the finalists include Comtrade and Lidl which participate at the competition of the best employers for the first time.

Intera from Ptuj is among the finalists for the sixth year successively; they are last year’s winners and were thus awarded the flattering title of the Best Employer in Slovenia in the category of small enterprises.

The final ceremony of this year’s Zlata nit will take place on 26th March 2015.