The company Postojnska jama Had a Record Year, the Best in the Entire Tourist History of the Cave

Together all the attractions that are managed by the company Postojnska jama, d.d. recorded 1,201,879 visits in 2017, of which almost 780,000 were to Postojna Cave, meaning 13% more than the year before. Considering the national structure, first place is traditionally held by guests from Italy with almost 16%, who are followed by Germans (8%), while Slovenians come in third (7.5%). More than 50,000 visitors or almost 7% of the guests come from South Korea, while countries with more than 20,000 visitors include Poland, Great Britain, Hungary, Spain, Israel, the USA, Japan, Taiwan, and China with Hong Kong. It is confirmed once again that Postojna Cave remains globally the most recognised Slovenian tourist sight by the fact that it was visited by people from more than 150 countries around the world. Postojna Cave has kept a record of the number of visitors since 1819 and thus we were particularly glad to have hosted the 38 millionth visitor in total in November last year. In 2017, a record number of visitors was also recorded by Predjama Castle which was visited by close to 240,000 people.

The extent of visits to the attractions of the Postojna Cave Park was also excellent during the holiday season. Between 25th December and 2nd January, Postojna Cave was toured by 24,107 visitors or more than 15% more than in the same period last year, among these were almost 17,000 people who during the six days of the performance watched the shows of the Live Nativity Scene performed along the entire tourist path in Postojna Cave. It was possible to book the tickets online in advance which was the choice of most visitors, therefore the original programme had to be supplemented by additional performances. Namely, the number of visitors is limited to 200 people per visit to enable uninterrupted viewing of the scenes.

In 2017, an important milestone for Postojna Cave was the investment in Certa Holding, part of which is also the Cerkno Hotel with the ski resort and thermal baths, which means the expansion of the tourist offer outside the Postojna Cave Park as well as offering new opportunities due to numerous synergies. A new story has also begun at Jezersko, where the Planinka Hotel is being renovated and is planned to be opened in the summer of this year. 

Predictions for 2018 are promising. The events will be varied since all through the year there will be celebrations commemorating the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Postojna Cave and thus the beginning of the tourism of the modern age in Postojna Cave.