The 2016 Gazela Award for the Savinjska and Zasavska Regions Goes to Skaza

On October 6 Celje School Centre hosted the competition for the regional Gazela Award for the Savinjska and Zasavska regions. In the company of tough competition comprising of companies Petre, Mega M, and Plastika Skaza, the award was won by Plastika Skaza for the second year in a row.

The company has recently changed its image and the name of the family company which has an almost 40-year long tradition. It was changed from Plastika Skaza to Skaza Smart Plastic, which truly reflects its strategic development orientation.

Upon receiving the award Laura Rednak, CEO of Skaza, said that for their company people are essential. She thanked her employees who are perceived as a bridge between the company and its customers. They understand that the customer is king and that they can only keep them if they consider their wishes and turn them into business partners.

Ambitious People are Welcome

This year’s awards ceremony took place at Celje School Centre because the organisers wanted to connect successful Slovenian companies with young people. Rednak added that Skaza invites everyone who is ambitious to join them because only goal-oriented employees can help them achieve the company’s goals.

“Anyone can achieve a lot on his or her path if they only set a goal and follow it. Those who try and work hard will reach their goal. I myself am the proof of that,” Rednak encouraged young people.

After 2014, Skaza once again Joins the Hunt for the Golden Gazela Award

Plastika Skaza won the Golden Gazela in 2014 and is now a candidate for that gold statue for the second year in a row as a regional winner. Skaza is thus the fifth finalist for the 2016 Golden Gazela Award. The final regional winner will be announced on October 13 from among the finalists of the Dravska and Pomurska regions at Ptuj School Centre. The Golden Gazela Award will be announced on October 19.