Termo-tehnika Heralded the Medium-sized Enterprise Most Worthy of Attention

At the conference En.odmev 2016, Kronoterm was the recipient of the award for the company that most energetically attracts positive attention in the category of medium-sized enterprises in Slovenia.

The award which is presented by Energetika.NET, is given to the company which by its own energy efficiency or example, products or services stands out from all others and is the conceptual leader in the market; this company is a shining example and shows the direction in which the Slovenian energy sector is, or should be, going, where there is more potential, and which approach best uses it. These are companies that do healthy business and promise further stable growth, while at the same time do not exhibit immunity to social challenges. This year’s award winners are: INEA among micro and small enterprises, Termo-tehnika among medium-sized enterprises, and Lumar IG in the category of large businesses.

As a 100% domestic company, Termo-tehnika has a huge responsibility towards its employees and society in general. Its decisions must be wise yet still bold enough to match not only the competition but also economic challenges in general. The company manages all this excellently and this is further proven by the fact that it is the winner of this award for the second year in a row. When talking about a sustainable and striking manner of operation, Termo Tehnika cannot be limited only to its own work because through its products and innovative solutions the company takes care of the wider sustainable scope, therefore for the fact that Slovenian and foreign homes and companies are becoming more energy efficient. The company also encourages its employees to make more efficient use of energy through simple, but key incentives. Small steps for great goals, and in cooperation with local providers, is how Energetika.NET describes the company.