Support for Societies in the Execution of an Excursion

A group of eight ambitious senior-year students of electrical engineering, members of the Electrical Engineering Students’ Society – stromar.si, and last-year students of the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, members of the Information Science Students’ Society, have again, traditionally, prepared the program for the excursion to the United States of America.

Last week the students of both societies ventured on this interesting field-trip which will last approximately six weeks. They strive to familiarize themselves with the American work and pedagogical environment, and they intend to make contact with the most successful companies such as Google, IBM, Apple, and visit the world-renowned universities like Stanford, Harvard, MIT, and others.

Since the Slovenian Business Club wants to show and prove to the society, and primarily to the young that the entrepreneurship is one of the right paths to stride we have by modest means supported both societies in the realization of their goals. We wish the enthusiastic students the experience of a lifetime and great amounts of acquired knowledge.

FE USA TRIP - Stanford

Photo: Senior-year students of electrical engineering at Stanford University.


Photo: Last-year students of the Faculty of Computer and Information Science.