Successful 50 for Sibo G. from Škofja Loka

This year the SIBO G. company celebrates its 50th anniversary of producing plastic packaging. Festivities took place on Saturday, 1st July 2017 at Zbilje, and all employees, the company’s scholarship holders, and pensioners with their families were invited.

»50 Years of Excellence« is the anniversary slogan which illustrates the company’s history and vision. SIBO G. grew from a small trades workshop into an extremely successful company esteemed at home and abroad. Their excellence was gained through hard work and experience, investment in new technologies and knowledge, which results in continuous growth and quality. Five decades of excellence thus provides the foundations for future development and above-average growth of the company, which will continue to be strengthened by the cooperation of business partners, care for the company’s employees and the environment.

The beginnings of the business reach back to 1967, when as a craftsman Franc Šifrar started processing thermoplastic masses and in the same year the tool workshop was developed. In 1993, the management of the company was taken over by his son Boštjan Šifrar. At that time, 10 employees made products from plastic on 5 machines. The following year, the company moved to new facilities measuring 1,200 m2, where it stayed for 10 years. In 2004, they again moved into a new facility with an area of 4,200 m2, and in 2013 new premises were added in the amount of 12,500 m2.

The company with 260 employees and about one hundred production lines holds a 30% share in the European and a 15% share in the world market of toothpaste stoppers. They export their products to 57 countries around the world and have about 200 clients from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical, and technical fields, including Glaxo Smith Klein, Proctor & Gamble, Sandoz, and Henkel. They make ten million caps per day and 3.5 billion per year.