Špica SAP’s Technological Partner

The company Špica International by its quarter-of-a-century-long business at home and foreign markets became a synonym for agile, efficient, and creative solutions involving storage, field sales, inventory of fixed assets, marking and tracing, and access control and working time registration. Many companies that decided for solutions provided by Špica have had the complete information system SAP implemented for several years. Špica’s experts thus had to implement it cleverly into the plan of forming their own solution and make sure that both connected platforms – including minimal costs of administration and maintenance – work flawlessly and complement each other.

Recently, after numerous successfully implemented projects of connecting SAP with their own solutions Špica also officially became SAP’s technological partner. Their agility and efficiency was proven in companies such as Ljubljanske mlekarne, Slovenske železnice, Luka Koper, Telekom Slovenije, Krka, Lek, Spar, and Gorenje.

»The combination of our own knowledge and special solutions of the already existing SAP systems and the full utilization of the existing investments has always proven to be the winning solution. The cooperation with the SAP team will enable our users even better solutions.« Tone Stanovnik, CEO of Špica International.