Spica among finalists for Marketing Excellence 2016

The award Marketing Excellence of the Year is recognition for marketing oriented companies or institutions that by using modern marketing approaches and intertwining various business functions within a company realize the marketing mission in their every-day business and comprehensive company strategy. The award is presented to the entire company which is with its marketing orientation, mentality, and approaches a role-model for the entire marketing or business community. The transition from an individual to a company is an important conceptual shift that confirms the business function of marketing in an organization.

The Commission evaluated a range of substantive criteria by which companies exercise a marketing mindset at all levels of the company. Among finalists is also Spica International, a leading regional supplier of supply chain management and workforce management solutions, that impressed commission with the highly targeted marketing strategy and marketing approaches. The company has a design marketing function, which actively using digital approaches for the development of business and international sales.

The  Slovenian Marketing Association presented the following finalists:

Category of small and medium-sized enterprises, the majority of business in the B2B and B2C segments: LUMAR IG, MEDEX. and Spica International, Ljubljana.

Category of large companies, the majority of business in the B2B and B2B2C segment: ADRIA MOBIL, KRKA, RENAULT and NISSAN Slovenia.

Category of large companies, the majority of business in the B2C segment, Lidl Slovenia, Si.mobil and Zavarovalnica Triglav.