Slovenian Business Club Members Meet with Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia Management

On the invitation of Ms Jana Ahčin, Director-General of Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (DURS), Club members held a meeting, which signifies a considerable change in the manner of cooperation between tax administration and Slovenian companies.

We are glad that Tax Administration had such positive reaction to the ideas and joining of successful, like-minded entrepreneurs in our Club, and, contrary to the past experience of tax inspections for similar associations, reacted completely different. This time, they offered cooperation after recognising our idea as positive and stimulating, provided that the club exclusively admits companies with paid taxes and settled obligations.

At the meeting, we were presented with Horizontal Monitoring, which is still a pilot project. It significantly changes the relationship between tax administration and tax payers from vertical, in which tax administration is an organ of repression, into horizontal, in which tax administration and tax payer have transparent cooperation, mutual trust and understanding of business relations, which is also their goal. Regarding the project, they hope or propose our help, respectively, as well as initiative, which we deem highly commendable. Club members also added some suggestions regarding this initiative.

We shared with the tax administration representatives some comments and suggestions regarding their operation and discussed each of them separately. The given suggestions on operation of tax administration will be inspected and reviewed, which will be followed by concrete answers from their part.

We agreed to remain in close contact. Mr Batagelj, Club’s President, proposed that we meet 2 – 3 times per year, thus our cooperation does not remain on conversation level, but advances to monitoring of proposals and reviewing at the end of the year, which suggestions and solutions are being carried out.

With regular meetings and cooperation with tax administration we have a possibility to introduce to them all initiatives of Club members, comments on their work, which entrepreneurs directly feel in their operations. Thus we are carrying out our Club’s mission, since our goal is for the relevant institutions to hear our suggestions for changes and improvements. Furthermore, we are also encouraging better functioning and easier cooperation with state authorities.

The meeting was attended by the following Club Members: Mr Marjan Batagelj, Mr Robert Grah, Mr Tone Stanovnik, Mr Janko Kuhar and Mr Uroš Slak; and Tax Administration representatives: Ms Jana Ahčin, Director-General, Ms Julijana Povše, representative of Tax Sector, Mr Peter Jenko, representative of Division for Tax Supervision and International Information Exchange and Tax Register, and Ms Darja Šinkovec.