Skaza’s Future Lies in Linking Technology with Nature

Understanding the buyer, creating innovative products made of environmentally friendly recycled plastic, investing in development and young staff, continuous upgrading, setting trends, and passion. This is the heart of the Skaza company which, in advance of its upcoming great milestone, 40 years of operation, presented its achievements and its vision for future success at today’s press conference.

»Last year we created 31 million Euros of income, this year we plan to have 40. Earnings Before Interests and Taxes (EBIT), that is the difference between operating revenues and costs, increased from last year’s 1.7 million Euros to this year’s 2.8 million Euros. We want to become a multi-national company which will continue to supply products made of recycled materials primarily to the furniture industry and companies from the electrical and automotive industries,« is how the Skaza’s  CEO Tanja Skaza summarised the company’s growth and its vision. This year they also increased the number of employees – from last year’s 260 to over 300 planned by the end of this year. Last year they invested almost one million Euros into equipment and machines and they put the same amount into development.

The company had its corporate image redesigned. Plastika Skaza became Skaza this year. The culture or direction of the company gradually has gradually shifted from production to sales, nowadays the consumer assumes the leading role. »Our success is based on the status of developmental partner for multi-national companies where we make sure we’re always the first and the last thought with our buyers. Quality is uncompromising. I’m not just talking about the quality of our products but also about the quality of the entire system of the company’s operations, where the consumer, his satisfaction and his experience with our company is always number 1,« said Skaza.

»We are bold, brave, and above all responsible. We grow and we want to continue developing. We always seek new opportunities. We never stop,« added Skaza who wants to lead the company to 100 million of revenue in the next four years.

Tanja Skaza direktorica podjetja Skaza (foto Katja Kodba)

Photos: Katja Kodba

The vision and strategy are of key importance. Skaza draws much of its inspiration from nature. »We believe that nature is the best teacher, therefore, we see linking technology with nature as key in the future.« Their mission is to develop innovative products which will connect a person to nature. The two brands C! Cuisine and Organko are intended to do just that. This year the line of designer kitchen products C! Cuisine, which is available in 24 markets, has been upgraded with new trendy pastel shades and a new image with the slogan »VIVA LA PICNIC!«. »With picnic time on its way, they will additionally emphasise the importance of reusable plastic products which is a solution for waste reduction at such occasions. Slovenians continue to think too wastefully. We think short-term and efficiently instead of thinking about what will this planet look like for future generations. The fact is that the future lies in environmentally friendly plastic. In products that coexist with nature and are at the same time colourful, beautiful and, most importantly, enable us to tell a story and create memories,« said the executive director of the company, Ana Laura Rednak, at the press conference.