Seaway’s triple celebration

Internautica, International Boat Show, annually showcases over 100 new vessels, with more than 150 exhibitors from all over the world. Each year, Internautica attracts a large audience; well over 15.000 visitors attended the boat show this year.

Internautica 2014 hosted the traditional Exhibitors’ Evening with the Adriatic Boat of the Year award ceremony. The winners were selected by the ten-member jury and revealed during the Exhibitors’ Evening.

Seaway was honored with the three prestigious awards:

  • Greenline 48 Hybrid became the Adriatic boat of the year 2014 in the category of the motor yachts over 41 and up to 50 feet.
  • Greenline 48 Hybrid was awarded with yet another ambitious award, the Adriatic product of the year.
  • Adriatic personality of the year – person that has invested the most effort into expanding and popularization of boating during the past year, became the co-founder of the Seaway company, Dr. Japec Jakopin.