SBC Workshop “From an Idea to an Ad”

Since students often lack practical skills, we have prepared a somewhat more interactive column, called the SBC Workshop, for our young members. The workshop »From an Idea to an Ad«, which was carried out yesterday in the cooperation with the agency for comprehensive communication solutions AV Studio, provided our young members with a number of practical tips from the field of marketing activities, while with the generous help of their mentors, they created a real-life ad for the Lucifer Chocolate trademark.

We headed out to Velenje in the morning and were welcomed there by the head of their business development, Žiga Brodnik, who gave us a short presentation of the company. His young team with more than 50 employees is building its recognition on responsiveness, reliability, flexibility, and creativity – from strategies and conceptual designs to the execution and implementation on various communication tools. Even though the company found recognition as the creator of top digital and internet solutions, it – with a wide spectrum of operation and services – covers all areas of communication and is spreading its potential also to foreign markets.

The group was joined by the creative manager Jure Tovrljan and the director of strategic communication Mateja Kurež, who provided the participants with more information about the client, explained the advantages and disadvantages of the product, described the situation on the market, sales and communication goals, and the story behind the product. On the basis of the given information, the participants brainstormed their ideas which were the foundation for further preparation. After the conceptual design, the young were invited to tour the programme and studio facilities, while they experienced the preparation of the ad in the best possible way – through actual hands-on work.