SBC Together with Several Companies for a Better Health-care in Slovenia

Regarding the subject of healthcare reform, the Slovenian Business Club joined today the joined call of 9 economic and employer organizations (in addition to SBC they include the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, Employers’ Association of Crafts and Entrepreneurs of Slovenia, Association of Employers of Slovenia, Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, Slovenian-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, AmCham, and the Managers’ Association of Slovenia), the common starting point of which is the grave need for a healthcare reform in Slovenia, but the current proposal does not meet the economic expectations. Namely, the healthcare reform proposal at hand is not comprehensive, systematic, and is not based on the calculation of effects its implementation would bring. What it does include is the additional financial burden for employers as well as all taxpayers.

On behalf of the Slovenian Business Club, Martin Jezeršek, a member of the Board of Directors, emphasized that we expect greater transparency towards taxpayers from the state and the healthcare reform, since the majority of employees do not even understand the specifications on their pay check and do not realize that a great part of their salary goes directly into the healthcare budget. Healthcare is actually financed by the economy, which pays taxes and creates jobs – financed by employees who pay their contributions – both of which is obviously something that neither the state nor the taxpayers realise. Therefore, the healthcare reform needs to ensure the transparency of how amounts paid to the healthcare budget are written on the payroll – in the economic as well as public sector.