Andrej Perc in Andrej Ržišnik
Company Description:

Ržišnik Perc was founded in 1991 as the Bureau of Architecture and Graphic Design. During the initial period of operation, market was their biggest ally, obviously hungry for fresh ideas.


The parent company, that has more than 25 years of operation, has grown into a group of five specialized companies whose essence is to provide high value-added services to businesses, local communities and private clients. The group employs around 150 people, with over 10 million € of annual turnover. From the beginning they are creating together, so they are adorned with business excellence.

Ržišnik Perc d.o.o. – Integrated Facility Management

Protim Ržišnik Perc d.o.o. – Architecture and engineering services

Creatim Ržišnik Perc d.o.o. – Advanced websites and e-commerce solutions

Infotim Ržišnik Perc d.o.o. – Information systems

RP investicije d.o.o. – Development of real estate projects