Simona Petrič
Company Description:

Elvez is a family-run middle sized manufacturing company. The majority of our products is intended for the European automobile industry, while we also make products for the needs of household appliances, electric and mechanical industry.

They build their competitive advantage also on the merger of two programmes – the production of ready-made cables and currently the prevailing production of technical products made of plastic materials, which has lately been upgraded with the technology of metallization or vapour deposition of aluminium. The company has been since its beginning in 1991 constantly growing and currently employs 137 people.

  • Name of Member / Manager: Simona Petrič
  • Company Address: Ulica Antona Tomšiča 35, 1294 Višnja Gora
  • Company Telephone Number: + 386 1 781 20 20
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