Andrej Repše
Company Description:

The Armat group, deals with design and construction of prefabricated buildings, and was established in 1993. During the 20 years of operation, the company’s production and operation has successfully expanded, thus allowing it to offer high-quality solutions on the market: energy-efficient renovation of buildings, steel constructions, façade elements, roof coverings, metal sheet forming, carport roofs and many other accompanying activities offered by the production programme.

Today, Armat d.o.o., is a company employing highly trained professionals, who are responsible for the high growth and excellent operating results of the company. The company’s key mission is to maintain the quality of their construction culture and efficiently adapting and responding to customers’ needs and expectations. Their objective is to remain among the top companies in the field of design and construction of prefabricated buildings. By their personal approach and advice they will continue to strengthen the company’s good reputation.

  • Name of Member / Manager: Andrej Repše
  • Company Address: Krmelj 37a, 8296 Krmelj
  • Company Telephone Number: +386 7 81 85 160
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