SBC commentary – Prime Minister’s resignation, maturity exam for the whole of Slovenian politics

Voters deserve political parties to compete for their votes with programmes promoting a more entrepreneurial spirit and better jobs. This and this alone can improve their standard.

After the resignation of the Prime Minister Dr Miro Cerar, the SBC – Slovenian Business Club wishes for the elections to take place as soon as possible, and above all, the election campaign to be different from the ones before when ideological topics and demagogy prevailed.

We believe the Slovenian voters deserve answers to the following questions:

1.            For higher net salaries for all.

What are political parties going to do for higher net salaries of those employed in companies and in a way that will also enable Slovenia to catch up with the most developed EU members in productivity, and not make peace with the fact that the Czech Republic has caught up with us and could possibly soon even get ahead of us?

2.           For greater equity of all employees in companies.

What are political parties going to do to restrain the irrational appetites in the public sector and make more room for the tax reform, which would make possible the increase of net salaries for all employees, including those in companies?

3.            For smaller duties of workers.

What are political parties going to do to make more people active in employment and their duties thus smaller, while as a consequence their pensions are going to be bigger?

4.            For greater employability of young people.

What are political parties going to do to give young people more information when enrolling at universities as to which faculties can boast quick and high employability of their graduates and which cannot?

5.            For the promotion of a Slovenia attractive to engineers.

What are political parties going to do to keep highly-qualified people at home? What are they going to do to make Slovenia more attractive to highly-qualified people, especially engineers, from abroad?

6.            For higher quality jobs.

What are political parties going to do to make companies reinvest as much profit as possible into development and new, higher quality jobs?

7.            For the fair treatment of patients.

What are political parties going to do to make waiting times in healthcare shorter due to better organisation in healthcare and better management of the money provided by insured people, therefore patients, and not by even more expensive financing of the healthcare system?

8.            For a faster reduction of debt.

What are political parties going to do to make the reduction of public debt faster and thus indirectly decrease the burden on companies and tax-payers?

9.            For quality new company investments.

What are political parties going to do to lessen the burdens on companies and thus enable them to invest more money in development and new investments?

10.          For a Slovenia ready for a new crisis.

What are political parties going to do to make Slovenia better prepared for a new crisis?

The SBC – Slovenian Business Club firmly believes that the answers of political parties to these questions and consequently the actions of the new government connected to them are of key importance for the development of successful companies in the future and for a higher standard of living of inhabitants of Slovenia.

If we are able to motivate highly-qualified people to develop better and more expensive products and services, we will make more money on the market. If we make more on the market, there will be more money for the development of companies and workers’ salaries. If there is more money in the companies, there will be more money for the taxes and salaries of civil servants and pensioners.

Therefore, we call upon all political parties to devote their utmost attention to these ten questions.

Marjan Batagelj, President of the SBC – Slovenian Business Club:

“It will be unacceptable if in a time of economic growth we act as if this period will last forever. Responsible individuals always think ahead.”