SBC Bootcamp

In Slovenia, almost 7,000 students graduated from technics, production and processing technology, civil engineering and natural science study programmes last year. Despite such a large number of graduates, entrepreneurs, and members of the Slovenian Business Club too, are stating more and more frequently that there are not enough suitably qualified people to do high-technology Jobs.

The Slovenian Business Club notes that the employers frequently and above all complain about the lack of experience, which would enable young workers to start working sooner and do their work more effectively.

The Slovenian Business Club reacted to this by presenting a two-month intensive training programme called SBC Bootcamp, where the participants will be able to learn from experience about technology, entrepreneurship, development and creativity in an interdisciplinary way. They will be able to put the knowledge they have gained at the university (or secondary technical schools) into practice and try to develop different products by themselves.

Tackling problems set in advance, the participants will work together and, by solving them, get to know different processes, which companies mainly separate, in more detail. During the product development process, a person usually focused on marketing will get the opportunity to try out design and technology too. Thus, they will get to know how other fields operate, their ways of thinking; they will learn about new work processes and mutual communication.       

The programme will result in individuals with self-initiative who will be able to make better and sounder decisions due to the knowledge, information, and skills gained during the SBC Bootcamp programme.

The pilot SBC Bootcamp project will take place from the end of October to mid-December 2017 at the premises of Katapult. After the training course, selected participants will be able to test their newly gained knowledge and skills as probationers in companies which are members of Slovenian Business Club.

Ambitious individuals are welcome to apply by next Friday, 13. 10. 2017.

More informtions: http://sbcbootcamp.si/