Santa Claus did not Forget the Little Ones

Can you still remember how when we were children the most magical time was the last month of the year with its festive events even though the gifts were much more modest back then? The one thing that has not changed is the magic of a child’s enthusiastic writing of letters, the expectation and counting of days, the incredible joy this traditional gift giving bring to the hearts of each and every child, including those whose parents are in financial difficulties and cannot afford any additional financial burdens. This has not escaped our notice and this is why we try our best to help preserve the sparkles in the eyes of those children and to make this time magical for them and their families too.

Therefore, the Slovenian Business Club in cooperation with the Red Ball Foundation and the Ljubljana Šiška Centre for Social Work decided to bring gifts to more than 400 children from socially-deprived families.

Santa Claus

Representative of the Red Ball Foundation, Tanja Skaza, and representative of Ljubljana Šiška CSD, Irena Velič, upon the occasion of presenting gifts.

Monday, December 12th, and Thursday, December 15th 2016, were magical evenings for them since, after the puppet show at the Mini Theatre, the children awaited the arrival of Santa Claus who, besides the presents, also brought joy and drew big smiles on faces of these little ones, and last but not least, great satisfaction to the hearts of their parents.

We were just as moved by the sight of happy children; it is by making others happy that a person feels inner satisfaction and peace. Usually children are the ones who remind us how little it takes to be happy, their wishes and expectations are sincere, modest, and without hidden motives. We are glad to be part of making this a reality year after year.