Round Table “The Issues of Entering Foreign Markets”

The expansion of business on foreign markets became the primary driver of global economy and competitiveness in modern times. The saturation of the home market, the decreased spending power, and the need for the expansion and ensuring growth are simply some of the reasons that lead entrepreneurs to the necessity of working on the international market. When doing so, several factors need to be considered, including the inclinations for international business, various forms of entry to the foreign markets, and the appropriate strategy.

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On Thursday, November 12th 2015, the round table happening at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, discussed this theme with two successful entrepreneurs, Robert Grah (Grah Group) and Franci Pliberšek (MIK Celje). Following the introductory presentation of both of their companies and fields of their business, our speakers presented in detail the obstacles that they continually face when entering foreign markets, what needs to be planned for prior to entering a new market, and how important a thorough preparation and planning are for the success of such a venture.

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They also discussed their actions on the US market, at which both entrepreneurs have interesting experiences, and continued by describing their cooperation with other markets around the world. Among other things, they explained to the participants how important the mutual assistance is and rounded off with the ways entrepreneurs help each other when expanding to foreign markets. They also participated in a discussion with the participants, which followed the round table.

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Photos: Slovenian Business Club