The Slovenian Business Club encourages inventiveness and entrepreneurship in the young by organizing meetings and lectures of our members, all of which are coordinated by our Youth section called the YOUTH SLOVENIAN BUSINESS CLUB.

Encouraging the young for the entrepreneurship, the engine of the Slovenian society and its prosperity, is the field of special attention in our Club since we consider the young to be the engine of every society’s development. The perception needs to be encouraged in the young that successful individuals also contribute to the development and prosperity of the society and they through their business create conditions for the financing of public schooling, health care, pensions and so on. The Club encourages the young for the entrepreneurial initiative in the way that the young entrepreneurs and innovators are asked to present their ideas to successful entrepreneurs and thus help them find co-investors for the realization of this idea. Every month lectures are organized by one of our members on the subject “Directions for Success” as well as other events within our Youth section called the Youth Slovenian Business Club. The Club organizes lectures for the young where the Club’s members present their business careers as well as the vision of their company’s development and thus encourage the young to be innovative and entrepreneurial.

In the coming year the Youth Slovenian Business Club is reaching abroad and offers our young members the traineeship in foreign countries. We are starting in Austria and Canada, in the two countries that have exemplary and healthy business environments and with which we are historically bound.