Ptuj Welcomes Kreativnica, the First Coworking Space and Business Incubator

On February 19th the first coworking space and business incubator Kreativnica saw the light of day in the oldest town in Slovenia. It was founded by two successful companies from Ptuj, Intera and Databox, which want to help as many young entrepreneurs as possible and hope that this space and their mentorship help the development of the economy in Ptuj.

Kreativnica is currently inhabited by four young teams of promising start-ups. It took only five days from the on-line call for applicants for Kreativnica’s founders to receive so many cooperation or ‘dwelling’ applications that they were immediately able to select four of the most promising​.

The co-founder of Intera and Databox Davorin Gabrovec and Intera’s CEO Peter Ladič emphasized: »Such numerous and fast response proves beyond doubt that the need for this form of organization has been present in Ptuj for quite some time. The concept of coworking is increasingly popular in Slovenia and around the world due to the fact that it adjusts to new ways of work. On one hand we have an increasing number of professionals who are self-employed – these people while working from home or in their own offices frequently miss group dynamics which is otherwise characteristic of physically present groups of co-workers. On the other hand more and more people, especially young people, seek their own business opportunities and develop their own business ideas in the form of start-ups, which in the initial phases of their operation do not generate revenue and thus cannot afford their own business premises.«

The chosen four teams who have already inhabited the common office at Osojnikova cesta 3 in Ptuj include creative individuals of various profiles and who will develop four very different business ideas.

Kreativnica, which will in addition to business facilities and office equipment also provide valuable help from experts from various fields of entrepreneurship, still has a few spaces available. Anyone with a business idea who needs an appropriate space and atmosphere for their creative work are invited to apply at the webpage: www.kreativnica.com.