PROTIM Ržišnik Perc in project implementation of Messer air separation unit in Škofja Loka

In February 2017, the industrial gases specialist Messer started constructing the air separation unit on 9.500 square meters of land in Škofja Loka.  Technical gases are used in almost all branches of industry: in medicine, pharmacy, food technology, steel industry and many other areas. The new facility deployment is important from the ecological point of view, as the company currently supplies liquified gases to its customers in tankers from other countries, which is ecologically demanding and also costly due to long transportation routes.

The special feature of this construction project and the core element of the new plant is the 52-meter high and 175-ton heavy tower, called the cold box, in which oxygen, nitrogen and argon are extracted by air-separation processes. This is the most demanding part of the technical equipment, which includes steel structure with pipeline system and pressure vessels, which has been assembled with high precision for about six months. The works on the construction site are running smoothly and in accordance with the time schedule. The construction and installation works are in the final phase, while the installation of technical equipment and storage tanks is in progress.

For this project and for the investor Messer Slovenia, the architects and engineers of PROTIM Ržišnik Perc prepared the municipal urban plan, the project documentation and issued tenders for contractor’s selection, obtained the legally binding building permit for the facility and the communal infrastructure and the environmental permit on December 2016. They also support the client with planning supervision services.