Prince Albert II Charmed by the Gourmet Experience 50m above Ground

The global hit–Dinner in the Sky, known in over 40 countries around the world and which in recent years has pampered the tastebuds of gourmet connoisseurs in the biggest metropolises, including Prince Albert II, returns to Ljubljana this September.

The world hit of culinary pleasures–Dinner in the Sky, is renowned as one of the most unforgettable gourmet experiences in the air and has been thrilling people all around the world for some time now, not only in Europe, but also in Australia, Japan, India, Dubai, Brazil, the United States of America, Mexico, Canada, and China.

More than 5,000 events happening in cities from Paris to Las Vegas testify to the exceptional popularity of this unforgettable experience 50 metres high in the air, where star chefs prepare their masterpieces for their guests.

Dinner in the Sky Monaco: Princ Albert II with chef Philipp Etchebest in chef Philipp Joannes.

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After its successful first appearance in May 2015 and the great interest it raised last year, Dinner in the Sky once again returns to Ljubljana. This spectacular gourmet experience in the air will be available for all lovers of good food and perennial romantics between 23rd and 27th September 2017 at Kongresni trg.

The tastes of Ljubljana high above the ground, nevertheless just as safe, will be prepared by Luka Jezeršek and his team with a visiting chef, who remains a surprise until the event.

Dinner in the Sky is surely a unique occasion to turn an ordinary lunch or dinner into an adventure and the view of the white Ljubljana into something nobody will ever forget.