Preparations for the Most Current Topics at Revidera

The annual financial statement, tax legislation, e-invoice, e-storage, and certified cash registers are currently the hottest topics along with the questions of budget users and others.

For this purpose the company Revidera d.o.o. from Slovenska Bistrica organized consultations which took place on December 10th and 16th. Renata Flis, a certified auditor and CEO of the company Revidera d.o.o., was answering the questions regarding the current tax changes, while Evgenija Javornik, the state internal auditor and CEO of the company Revidera računovodstvo d.o.o., presented to the audience the most important points for the preparation of the annual financial statement for 2015.

The consultation was joined by Boštjan Kežmah, CISA from the company Cepris, who talked about the safety challenges of e-invoicing, and Janko Kuhar from POS Elektronček, who introduced the participants to the news regarding certified cash registers.