Predjama Castle among Ten Most Beautiful in Europe

Predjama Castle, one of the largest and most recognizable Slovenian sights, was ranked among top ten European castles worth visiting, according to www.tourism-review.com. Predjama Castle is the only preserved cave castle in the world; it tells a story of the romantic past of the Middle Ages knights, as well as life in those times.

Due to the specific construction with natural rock, cave and castle literally intertwining, it is impossible to determine where one stops and the other begins. The castle offers a solid insight into the Middle Ages construction, primarily in the section relating to defence and safety. Due to difficulties with access, discomfort and humidity, such castles were mostly abandoned as early as the 16th century. This would have also happened to Predjama Cave, had it not been for Prince Weriand Windisgrätz, who took it under his wing; “eagle’s nest” was a matter of prestige for him, not safety. With its mysterious charm and the romantic legend of Erazem of Predjama, the castle stands firm to date. From the end of World War II, Predjama Castle has been managed by the company Postojnska jama. In order to present to the visitors the intertwining of nature and culture in the castle, as well as its history and legend, the company will introduce a novelty – during the upcoming summer season, visitors will have an option of audio guide through the castle in several world languages.

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Foto: Iztok Medja for Postojna Cave, d.d.