Postojna Cave with Record Number of Visitors during Holidays

During Easter holidays, Postojna Cave, Predjama Castle and Vivarium Proteus recorded the highest number of visitors since Slovenia’s independence, a total of more than 19 thousand. From Friday till Monday, Postojna Cave had 10.299 visitors.

The largest number of guests, a solid third, were from Italy, while the second group were guests from South Korea, representing one tenth of all visitors; over a thousand of them visited Postojna Cave only. According to the number of visitors, these were followed by guests from Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Spain, Austria, Croatia, Israel and USA.

The statistical record of visitors shows almost all European countries, as well as some others: Bolivia, Venezuela, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India and many other – almost a quarter of visitors were from non-European countries. Such a high number of visitors is certainly a reflection of intense efforts during the past few months, as well as focus on global market.

Postojnska_Briljant Postojnska_Vlak

Foto: Iztok Medja for Postojna Cave, d.d.