Postojna Cave Visited by 37 Million Visitors

The first million had to be awaited for 110 years, but continually new millions are travelling through the history of Postojna Cave at lightning speed. Our most prominent natural attraction has been visited by 37 million visitors during the last 200 years. Even more gratifying is the fact that the 37 millionth visitor was Slovenian, Zinka Kolenc from Črnuče, who took her grandchildren to see the Postojna Cave. The cave has been visited by 7,000 more Slovenians than last year and it is Slovenians who are at the top of the growth in visitors.

Postojnska jama is one of few tourist companies priding itself on 200 years of tradition, not only in tourism but also in keeping visitor books. It is quite surprising how, for 200 years, every visitor has been recorded, taking into account that the cave has seen a change of five countries and two world wars, but no regime destroyed or lost the precious data. This reflects an exceptional respect of all the managers at all times.

For this reason they can celebrate this exceptional number, 37 000 000, and on this occasion thank all their guests. At the proclamation ceremony Marjan Batagelj, CEO, also thanked all generations of employees, particularly the guides who make first contact with all visitors. He pointed out that every guest is special and contributes immensely to the good reputation of Postojna Cave. The good repute of Postojna Cave subsequently impacts on the good repute of Slovenia and Slovenian tourism, which can offer infinitely more than many destinations which claim for themselves the title of »top destination«.

The power of Postojna Cave is not only incredible, but also infinite. Even if you visited it every day, it would charm you with its diversity time and again. At the same time, its infinite diversity is a symbol of our country’s diversity. For this reason the main prize, handily named »Infinite diversity of Slovenia«, includes vouchers for 22 sightseeing tours and destinations around Slovenia, which the winner and her family will be able to use until the end of 2017. Partners from all over the country had been invited to participate and all responded positively. But there are many more destinations which could be included, as Slovenia’s beauties could fit into three large countries.

»All the time we are saying how beautiful Slovenia is, how diverse it is, and when you design a product stringing 22 Slovenian pearls, which is also the number of our tiny, quickly-growing baby olms, you realise that with appropriate promotion Slovenia would be able to keep its guest for months,« CEO Marjan Batagelj stressed.