Postojna Cave Hosts the 28th Live Nativity Scene

Today, Postojna Cave introduced this year’s, the 28th Live Nativity Scene in Postojna Cave to the media. Postojna Cave’s Chairman of the Board Marjan Batagelj opened this year’s event symbolically by handing over the old cane to Joseph – the cane is passed on from one year to another. The event carries on the tradition of cave live nativity scenes, but with some new features and even richer than before. The shows will be open to the public from the 25th to the 30th December. The Postojna Cave live nativity scene was the first live nativity scene in Slovenia and has its origins in history, for Francis of Assisi was the first to set up the nativity scene in a cave in 1223. The tradition of live nativity scenes, the wide and fruitful cooperation with artists and the local community, as well as the historical facts give the cave’s live nativity scene additional significance.

Some 2,100 coloured lights will illuminate the 5-kilometre long subterranean path that leads the visitor through the experience of the Biblical story, which is performed in 16 scenes along the tourist route. Ten members of the narrowest organisation team have been actively leading the preparations for the nativity scene since September (from creative concepts, improvements, rewrites of the script to auditions and costume fittings), while a twenty-member team has been preparing the cave for the event since last week. Up to 150 performers participate in the shows every day. This year’s performances will offer three amazing musical acts in which Postojna Cave will host the diva Irena Yebuah Tiran and the legendary Oto Pestner. The latter, who is the connoisseur of Christmas melodies, will participate in the Birth scene with his velvety voice – this will be the peak of the five-kilometre long subterranean performance, while Irena Yebuah Tiran will be part of the last and the most dramatic act in the Concert Hall. They will both sing at each and every show of the live nativity scene during the six days of performance. They will be joined by Tea Saksida, who has been performing at this event for several years now and whose voice gives you goose bumps, and will have the honour to perform in the biggest act at the Great Mountain this year. The organisers have again invited for cooperation the director of the nativity scene Gabrijela Brovč, who has been collaborating with them for 24 years, and Magic Theatre Serpentes, which is in charge of the audio-visual effects and even richer costumes that make the performances magical and spectacular.


The internationally renowned artist Ejti Štih prepared a special exhibition for Postojna Cave, called Nativities of the World, which depicts various traditions and celebrations of Christmas on all continents. Nativities of the World came from far-away Bolivia where Ejti Štih lives and works. She came to us on-line during the press conference of the Chairman of the Board and gave her message to the visitors to Postojna Cave: “Jesus is born every year, every Christmas believers renew their faith. May Jesus’ birth bring joy since another baby was born into this world that is big and colourful. My nativity scene which comes from the Latin-American sun into the darkness of Postojna Cave brings the light of hope for a better world for us all.”

The promenade in front of the entrance to the cave hosts the photo exhibition with stories revealed by the world-famous photographer Ciril Jazbec. The exhibition entitled Hidden Stories reveals the performers from the nativity scenes, who are mostly amateur actors and put their lives on hold for the duration of the performances.

Metka Prezelj from Idrija, who is less globally known but in no way lacks the same amount of heart, made a nativity scene from carded wool, similar to the ones sent to Rome, especially for Postojna Cave.


At the press conference, the Chairman of the Board of Postojnska jama Ltd. Marjan Batagelj presented the business results of the company, their investments, and important milestones in the past year, which was also the best one in the history of tourist visits to Postojna Cave. The key events that have marked this year the most are: Certa, Jezersko, tourist alliances, successful growth and development of the dragon youngsters, the increasing global recognition of the cave laboratory, the 38 millionth visitor, the renovation of the exit platform, the signing of the contract for new trains, new cooperation with scientists and media from all over the world, business and marketing prizes, and preparations for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the discovery of the cave.