POS Elektronček Expert Meeting

On Wednesday, 16th November 2016, in the event hall of the Kongo Hotel & Casino POS Elektronček, the company which deals in the development, sale, and maintenance of software in the fields of hospitality, the service industry, and trade, held a business meeting. The main part of the event was based on expert consultation and the presentation of news for simpler and even more efficient working, as well as on the rise of business monitoring which, with the cooperation of their users, is being continually developed and upgraded. This enables high quality regular monitoring of business operations in a simple way.

Participants enjoyed a comprehensive presentation of the news connected to GIS Prestige and TS Prestige, and to the reception programme Sihot. In addition to the demonstration of the dynamic pricelist on the display of GIS Borza, the company’s Director Janko Kuhar presented in detail the VS Prestige for the sale of tickets and season tickets, the Relax Prestige, which enables a series of bonuses in dental care and relaxation activities, two mobile applications for a fast overview of what is happening in a hospitality or trade facility from a phone GIS Info and TS Info, a system of remote ordering GIS Order and NCR Orderman 7+, the programme Hal mBills which enables a guest to pay the bill without cash or a credit card, ID Shop and PriceID as an innovative solution for product labelling according to one’s own ideas, making of inventory and closed systems of payment at ski resorts, pools and wellness complexes.

Their in-house development of software enables the company’s services to be perfectly suited to the demands of their users. To the great satisfaction of their loyal customers the solutions created by POS Elektronček are constantly supplemented and upgraded to even more closely or completely meet the requirements and even the most specific needs of their customers.