Plastika Skaza Learning from the Best

The family company Plastika Skaza invest a lot in the education and development of their employees. They model themselves on the best from the business world and learn from them.

The executive director of Plastika Skaza Ana Laura Rednak and the Ikea account manager at Plastika Skaza Anja Aristovnik were invited to visit the founder of the Swedish furniture giant Ikea – Ingvar Kamprad. The world-famous business icon, who in his 90s is still full of energy and with a zest for life, shared his experience in the business world in his home town Älmhult with carefully selected guests.

»Ingvar Kampard is an incredible visionary and despite his age still overflows with energy. In his speech he invited us to connect with the retailers because they are the ones who meet the buyers and therefore know them best. They will know how to help us with advice, how to accommodate the end customers and satisfy their wishes,« said Ana Laura Rednak.

The innovative and successful family company Plastika Skaza strive daily to find the best solutions for their customers. Gatherings like the one with the founder of Ikea are a great encouragement for their future work.

Photo: Barbara Reya