Plastika Skaza Chooses the Winners of the International Project Business Hive

Business Hive is an international competition for students organised in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana by the non-profit organization Management Group. This is the so-called crowdsourcing platform which enables a company to acquire innovative ideas in the shortest possible time and with the smallest possible cost, while on the other hand offering students a unique opportunity to put into practice the theory they have learned during their studies.

The winners of this year’s Business Hive are Ana Skalar, Dea Kalajlioska, and Rok Smrekar. They presented their winning idea, Skazagon, at the four-day business challenge competition for students, which was presented by Plastika Skaza, the successful and innovative family company with a 39-year tradition. Skazagon is a technologically perfected product for the home made of bioplastic which solves multiple problems.

Even though the product seems very simple at first glance, it turns out that there is nothing quite like it on the market. »This is the biggest advantage of these types of competitions. Young people think completely differently from us, outside the box, they live in the world of IT and they connect it to their everyday lives. The result are incredibly good ideas, products that are very much needed by companies like Plastika Skaza. The winning idea will be added to our bank of ideas and when the time is right one from all of them will be chosen to be offered to the market,« said Laura Rednak, the executive director of Plastika Skaza.