Plastika Skaza bets on »Future plastic today«

Plastika Skaza began to produce household gadgets from recycled materials with vivid colors like yellow, green, pink and turquoise. With other kitchen accessories their products are produced in more than 20 different colors. In 2014 company presented their newest achievements: plastic products in silver and gold and glitter plastic household products.

Company will present all their novelties in one of the major European event dedicated to decoration and design »Maison&Objet Paris«, which will be held from 23th to 27th of January 2015, featuring more than 3177 exhibitors.

Plastic Skaza will be presented at the fair with the slogan  “Future plastic today”, because their products are built from recycled waste plastic as well as from municipal waste. “We place great emphasis on recycled materials, which are materials of the future. Colorful, modern design and eco-produced products are creating global trends in the production of plastic, “pointed Director of Plastika Skaza Tanja Skaza.