Personal Social Network One of the Keys to Success

This statement is another in the series of useful tips that Joc Pečečnik shared with young people on Monday, December 19th, 2016, in a packed hall at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana.

The immensely successful lecture was enthusiastically welcomed by each and every visitor since this entrepreneur and visionary shared with them his considerable experience, substantiated with advice gained through years and years of hard work. He described in detail the story of his business success and spiced up this lecture with a number of pieces of practical advice which were given true meaning through his real-life stories.

Pitbull versus Mouse

Joc Pečečnik encouraged those young people who are on the verge of their career and creativity to enter the world of entrepreneurship and develop their business ideas. He especially emphasised the importance of a good business environment and the exceptional location of our country which offers numerous possibilities. The many questions he received were answered with priceless advice and his attention was devoted to the things a young entrepreneur should place special focus on. What is success? How much work and energy does it take? Where are you and your decisions?

He rounded up the meeting, which due to the interest of the visitors was almost impossible to bring to a close, with the conclusion that we should not lie to ourselves or others in either the personal or business environments, and that it is necessary to always ask the right questions in order to be able to seek and find the right answers.