Oscar for Economics into the Hands of Marjan Batagelj

On March 10th 2016, Marjan Batagelj, the chairman of the board of Postojna Cave, received the Award of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for great achievements.

Marjan Batagelj was the first in the history of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to sign their wall of entrepreneurs twice – the first time as the CEO of the company Batagel&Co, and now 16 years later representing a completely different sector. His comment on this prestigious award is that no award ever means anything if you do not believe in it. And he believes in this one. Almost as strongly as he believes in his colleagues who are his second family. In the five years that he has been running it, Postojna Cave has become an exceptionally recognised tourist destination around the world.

As he has emphasized many times before, Postojna Cave is our treasure. And any treasure can only be enjoyed in the right company. Marjan Batagelj can truly enjoy the cave to the fullest – alongside excellent co-workers who share the same goals that he and his wife Katja set when entering into the ownership of the company. The satisfaction of the increasing number of guests has turned the 24-kilometre underground kingdom into a crossroads of the tourist world.

This award has provoked a very emotional reaction on the side of the employees, too. A long-time employee and accountant said that Marjan Batagelj always strives to be above average and puts his heart into his work. Every entrepreneur knows how difficult it is to make accountants happy therefore these words from a loyal colleague carry additional weight with the award.

Marjan Batagelj is an amateur basketball player who swears by being different in entrepreneurship. This cave was given to us all, to generations before us and to many who will come after us. Even more than today, our attitude towards it will still be visible in decades, centuries to come, when new generations of Slovenians walk through it. With this in mind, the second time award winner dedicated this award to the young people and intellectuals who are in need of hope. His wish is that they won’t leave Slovenia and, having heard of such positive stories of Slovenian entrepreneurship, will also aspire to become winners of the Oscar for economics.