Rules of the Club:

The Club organizes monthly social gatherings. Every year, the Club gathers at Club Assembly, where they review previous work, elect President and Board of Directors; every 5 years they confirm the mandate of the Director.

Club’s President is elected every year, as well as Board of Directors, comprising seven members. A five-year mandate is held by the Club’s Director and Secretary.

 Conditions for membership in Business Club Slovenia:

  • A Club Member, representing a company in the Club, may not be a member of any political party. A company is represented by the owner or legal representative, respectively.
  • Members, gathered at the founding assembly, will bear the name Founding Members.
  • A new Club Member may be admitted only with consent of all Founding Members.
  • A Club Member may be an entrepreneur, who began his/her business carreer with his/her own idea or as a successor of a family-owned company, who did not participate in tycoon-related affairs. A Business Club Member may also be a sole proprietorship.
  • A Club Member will enable other members to connect with compatible partners in fields of their operation, with help from the Club administration and in such way that it doesn’t harm its core business or reputation. Everyone will help according to their abilities. Club administration will prepare the cooperation procedure and, upon successful business, provide a commission fee for »Business Angel«.
  • Through Club membership, Club Members will enjoy connections and individual benefits with similar associations and chambers worldwide.
  • A Club Member will have the right to publicly communicate on behalf of Business Club Slovenia, according to the rules set by the Club only.
  • A Club Member is entitled to promotion of his/her own company, public appearances, international business networking, PR strategy development for his/her company, attendance at events, presence at Club’s web portal.
  • In case a Member is in criminal proceedings, the membership will automatically be terminated until the end of proceedings. If a member is convicted, the membership will be automatically terminated. The official decision on the matter will be adopted by Club’s Board of Directors.
  • A Club Member must operate in a way that he/she does not misuse membership for achieving his/her personal ambitions and business goals at expense of using other members; he/she is obliged to advocate mutual comradeship.
  • Club Members are committed to being available for and, depending on their time and financial abilities, help other members in obtaining information, expanding business and contact network, primarily in the countries of their operation, in order to facilitate easier and more favourable access to a specific market to other members that may need their support. Procedures and extent of support are determined and limited by Club Management, in order to prevent exaggeration and exploitation.
  • Club Members are committed to promote Slovenian awareness worldwide by marking their products as manufactured in Slovenia in a more visible way, using state symbols and taking care of their brand visibility in connection to Slovenia. Furthermore, they will sponsor smaller and larger culinary, sports and cultural events abroad, which will emphasize recognizability of their origin and thus open Slovenian destinations and houses abroad, where we will promote our own brand and provide for export of various Slovenian products, via Club brand, to different territories of the world, in line with Club’s policy.
  • Relating to individual issues, the Club will accept standpoints of its members. Club’s standpoints are changing based on e-mail or association assembly vote. A Club Member, President of the Board of Directors or Director will send the Members a proposition of Club’s standpoint on certain economic or other issues. A proposition is accepted if the majority of Club’s voting members vote it through. There has to be a time period of at least 24 hours from sending a proposition to Club members, in order to give them time to familiarize themselves to proposition, however not more than 48 hours. In case an issue is of urgent nature, requiring Club’s quick reaction, the standpoint will be taken by the Board of Directors, who will also vote it. Board of Director’s standpoint is accepted if voted through by the majority of Board of Directors members, present at the meeting. Such Board of Directors’ standpoint will then be passed on for additional confirmation by other members. A standpoint is accepted, provided it has been voted through by the majority of voting Members. In case Members are not in agreement with Board of Directors’ standpoint, they may pass their proposition, which will be voted by the members of the association. Association’s standpoint is voted through if the majority of voting Members vote for it.
  • Every Member may grant membership to a foreign »Godfather«. Foreign representatives, who are not Slovenian citizens, will provide for the promotion of their own brand, as well as promotion of Slovenian Business Club via their own companies.
  • Members will regularly invite all Slovenian official representatives abroad, such as diplomats, politicians and state representatives, to all organized events.
  • Club’s operation is provided for by the professional Club Director. Director manages communication with members and transfer of their standpoints or wishes, respectively, into Club’s standards, in order to improve coordination between Club Members, mutual support, forming of general mutual standpoints and the highest public recognisability of the Club. He/she also coordinates new member registration and, together with Secretary, provides for contacts among Club members, and organizes Business Club events.