One of the Biggest and Most Modern Emergency Room Centres Opened at Jesenice

The construction of the new emergency room at Jesenice GeneralHospital is now complete and this addition represents one of the biggest ERs in Slovenia. The new ER centre is designed according to the Manchester triage system and, with its state of the art medical equipment, it represents a great asset for the region of Gorenjska. Alongside with the new ER, a new main entrance and new driveways to the main hospital building were made, a new entry gate lodge and a new Endoscopic Department were built, and the existing facilities of the hospital were thoroughly renovated. The entire project includes a gross floor area of almost 5,000 square meters and a total value of investment works amounting to 10 million euro.

The main acquisitions of the ER centre are the central observation room, triage space, resuscitation room, urgent CT room, the renovated surgical block with two operating theatres, a new outpatient wing, a room for the on-call Paediatric Department, and modern medical equipment.

The architects and engineers from the company Protim Ržišnik Perc participated in all stages of the project, from the master plan of the full hospital renovation and conceptual design of the new ER centre, preparation of all stages of project documentation (IDP, PGD, PZI, PID) according to the principle of integrated planning,  obtaining the necessary permit and the building designers’ control of the facility construction to the successfully completed technical inspection and acquisition of the operating permit.

The Jesenice ER Centre belongs to the network of ten ER centres in Slovenia, the construction of which was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund with a contribution from the Slovenian national budget. The key factor for the provision of project funding was meeting the deadlines and costs in both the design and construction stages. These goals were, due to the uninterrupted operation of the hospital during the construction and the demands of carrying out new works alongside the existing structure, possible to achieve only through integrated planning and careful supervision of all the plans during the execution stage.